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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Bad With Bacon

Ahh...Bacon, the sizzle-snap of frying bacon, combined with the aroma of it wafting throughout the house on a Sunday morning, whoa does that ever bring back the memories!

 I'm actually not a big fan of pork or meat for that matter but once in while I just need bacon, I mean I NEED it! Like gotta have some pork in Bacon form right now or bad stuff will happen...I ordered some the other day when I had breakfast with a friend of mine. I got to yakking & never ate it, I brought it home and forgot about it then had to trash it. Bummer, so I had violated the sanctity of THE BIG PIG-BACON MASTER, the god of pork had to be quite displeased with me that day. I'll eat like half a pound today (sorry my dear vegitarian friends for making you literally HURL right now!) in penance and perhaps find redemption from BB, the FATTY ONE.....

Yes, I know..sick, sick, sick but it smells oh so good...I'll most surely pay for this dietary indiscretion!

No worries my dear friends, I'll eat fruit and veggies the rest of the day....


  1. I love turkey bacon. Haven't really enjoyed pork since switching to turkey.

  2. Thanks for that Shelby, I had forgotten about Turkey Bacon. I had a girlfriend waaaay back in the late 80's who used Turkey everything: Gr Turkey, Turkey sausage, Turkey Bacon, etc. I'd forgotten how good that was...I think I'm going to try it again.
    See how helpful blogging can be!!

  3. Toooo funny... Early this morning (wayy too early for me) I couldn't sleep (big shocker) and all I could think about was bacon and pork sausages and scrambled eggs, hashbrowns... I even ended up writing a whole piece on the matter... not sure if I'm going to post it or not. I MISS all that stuff. NOT by choice though.

  4. BACON - and all pork, RULES! digging the new font, looks good .. turkey bacon I buy because the wife feels better about eating it...good win for the Boilermakers yesterday.

    duke looked pathetic

  5. I love what Lavin as done for the Johnnies..of course I've got a soft spot for "Mean Gene" Keady. Love what Lavin did bringing him in to consult, perfect and a good story too about friendship...

  6. Post-script on this morning's bacon was really good bacon and I'm not just saying that. My friend k fried it up just tight then scrambled eggs and combined with said bacon on an English Muffin, oh my I was in Breakfast Sandwich Heaven for a while. I've recovered from my delusion's of pork and will focus on something else this week: Fresh Doughnuts!