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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Sports can make people (In this case, Moi) do very strange things, very strange things indeed. Let me give you an example.

NFL: The National Football League. When I was growing up in Central Ohio I was a rabid Cleveland Browns Fan. I loved them and I lived and died with that team week in and week out. Yes, I suffered back to back broken hearts with Elway's "The Drive" in '86 and Ernest Byner's Fumble "The Fumble" in '87. But I stuck with 'em, they were my team. I sat through many a game in that got forsaken yet glorious old pit Cleveland Municipal Stadium in the wind, rain and snow. And loved every second of it...

And that team's biggest rival were the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ach I hated those Bastards. They won all those Super Bowls, often going through the Browns to get 'em. What made things worse for me is my dad's sister and family lived in Pittsburgh. So my cousins were always there to remind me when the Steelers beat the Browns.

But that's what makes sports great: the rivalries like that. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever see myself rooting for THAT team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. I hated them and all their (future Hall of Fame) Players, their terrible Towels and the Immaculate reception.

Then 1995 happened! That is the year the Ultimate Bastard of All Time: Art Modell Up and moved the Browns to Baltimore. Yep my Browns are now the Baltimore Ravens. Of course the Cleveland kept the name and eventually the brown were re-born. But it just has never been the same.

 I know, this stuff happened a long time ago and I should be over it by now. And mostly I am...except for days like today. I was in town this morning when a friend asked me who I was rooting for in the AFC Playoff Game this afternoon and without blinking an eye I looked up at him and said, you guessed it: Steelers....

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