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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boring Snow Plow Post

I love my beat up ford pick up truck and it's plow...

I can't really shovel snow unless it's just a wee bit or really light and fluffy stuff. With the damaged back particularly, just standing half way hunched way over creates sharp pain and often spasms. It sucks because I love the snow but now I dread it because I can't cope with the snow removal crap and the stress it creates...

So I've been kinda bumming because I have been having trouble with the plow  on my 1992 grey Ford F-150 4x4. I checked everything possible and it would just freeze in the up or down position. I figured that it must be something like a pump going out. I'm really not a mechanical whiz but I eliminated the possibility of an electrical problem/connection or hydraulic fluid, the hoses were intact and not an issue either so the hydraulic pump seems the only logical possibility.

Last night we got 5 or so inches of the fluffy stuff. I tried to plow, no dice. So I got out the big, 2-stage blower and basically did what I could. Even a super nice 2-stage snow blower doesn't cut it for me. I just can't hang onto the damn thing, it's heavy and bulking , just hard for me to manage. At times but disability reduces me to a helpless, pathetic, wimp....Ach!.

Anyway I woke up super early like I always do and instead of taking my time, having coffee and reading the paper, I got bundled up and headed outside. I had to get this driveway business and plow stuff figured out. The original attempt to get the plow functioning failed. As I sat there something in my head suggested I unplug the main electrical connection then plug it back in. I have already done this, what a dozen times already?! Guess what, the freaking plow worked...I just don't get it, I haven't a clue but it worked. I was able to clean up all the snow and the darn thing worked like a charm...hey, I don't know either but I'm stoked.

At least now I can see if it really needs repair work w/out the pressure of doing the dang drive hanging over my head...

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