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Saturday, January 29, 2011

America's BIG GAME...

Good news on the Purdue sports front for a change, they won a basketball game beating Minnesota 73-61....Frankly this weekend will be the last time anyone talks about any sport except for football and the Super Bowl, which is played a week from tomorrow in Dallas. Yes it's Super Bowl week and I am mildly amused by the spectacle of it all. It is a uniquely American event.

I often work out on the  while watching the Mike and Mike  ESPN Radio Morning Show (yea, a radio show that is televised, go figure) and then listen on Satellite radio as I go off on my daily morning missions. They will broadcast their entire weeks worth of shows from Dallas, near the site of the game as will just about every sports related show in the nation.

The Super Bowl Week has any kind of event you can think of and I would imagine has become one of the biggest Advertising Marketing Events as well. I wouldn't mind just spending the week before, attending all the events, concerts, TV shows, etc and then flying home to watch the game on TV!

I think this game, the Super Bowl is the ULTIMATE TV EVENT, I really wouldn't even want to watch it in person...I think you'd miss something, lol! From the 4 hour pre-game, to the commercials, half-time show, big-time stars singing the National Anthem. Who can forget Whitney Houston singing the Anthem at the height of the 1st Gulf War....That was an absolutely unforgettable moment. Even in a drunken stupor, I remembered it!!

So Super Bowl week, hockey fans...get your fill tonight and tomorrow because we will hear nothing but solid, wall to wall football for the next 7 days. GOD Bless America!

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