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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Joey's Italian Restaurant

I'm's 8:15p and I just got home from a meeting and I've yet to eat. This is one of those nights I dread having to figure something out. The problem isn't knowing what I want for dinner. Nope I know exactly what I want, well in general : Italian. I want Italian food. No problem right, I have past, can whip up some sauce...uh, er..well that's not really where i was going with this. No...

Actually I want to eat at a great little Italian Restaurant I know about, Joeys...Joey's Italian Restaurant. Absolutely a fantastic place for very fine Italian Dining. If your not up for that "fine dining" upstairs they have Pronto Joey's, a more casual Italian Bistro, every bit as good as it's big brother down stairs, just more casual and yea, less pricey.

So you say, problem solved go to Joey's or shoot, they do take out why do you just order take out. Oh man I would in a second if I could except there's one problem: Joey's sits just off carrier Syracuse, NY! Joey's Italian Restaurant 

I have a craving and the perfect solution to it yet I'm shit outta luck. Oh well, such as life.

But if anyone is ever in the Syracuse area, I'm not kidding, this is one amazing place. the food is just incredible so check it out. One look at the menu link should be all it takes....


  1. FOOD! Just looking at those photos makes me hungry, even though I just ate not too long ago. Of course, I had to go back and look one more time... sweet... there are recipes too! I've bookmarked it so I can read at my leisure.

  2. It is an incredible place and I'm making shrimp and pasta tonight because I'm craving their food!