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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Can't Count On Cutler

Jay Cutler, QB for the Bears? As far as I'm concerned he's never going to be the guy who picks up his team on his shoulders and wills them to win. It always seems that when there is adversity, he doesn't step up. I'm not saying he isn't hurt but it always seems like he just can't cut it when his team's need him. Perhaps that's unfair...but I'm not a Bears fan and I feel that way...

Well, I got the NFC side of my Super Bowl team picks right. Now let's see if the Steelers pull this one out. I'd really like to see the Jets do it but I just don't at this point... 

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Charles Rex Arbogast, AP


  1. he's a pussy. he wasn't hurt enough to walk off the field the series before. he is not a good leader - a good talent, yes. but will he ever be a true winner, probably not.

  2. I couldn't agree more...this was for ALL the marbles: You play hurt!

  3. I think his replacement played better the rest of the game than he would have played.

  4. Shelby, you're probably right but they made it this far with him, he's got a responsibility to give it his best effort and I (and a lot of other folks) question whether he did that. The young guy did a great job..up until he threw the pick that ended the game.