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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh GOD...

Can 'ya? Can you hear it, huh? Can you hear what I am trying NOT to say? I'm working very hard, I am at not spilling the beans. Because if I do, spill that is....I worry what everyone else will say. They might judge me and I'm not sure my EGO can handle that right now!

I'm afraid, I am. I fear what I can't even begin to understand. Why me? Why now and why at this place, why? Did I ask for this to happen? I don't think I did yet...perhaps, maybe I prayed for what? This, naw it can't be...

Then again I'm here and so my friend are you...when did you arrive? I didn't notice that you had come in..invited huh, by me? No...I was so afraid. Why but why now, huh? I don't think I can comprehend what this might even begin to mean to me...I'm so overwhelmed, yet oddly,  I am no longer...afraid.

And you, a whisper faint as THUNDER in my minds eye and this began
in a heart so cold but still why? And so begins a journey, this and I know not where I am going. Yet I follow and no longer do I need ask why. I know you, it's you and I see, for once I see the
THUNDER that was a whisper became my PRAYER...

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  1. i saw this header on the sidebar of WRT and immediately thought to look at the OSU/Boilers score - sorry buddy, it's looking like a lost cause - if it were Duke, it'd get turned right off.